A solution for air filtration

The standards for removing impurities from the air are constantly increasing, both in general ventilation and air filtration for the processes of manufacturing. The impurities in the air are a risk for human health and also for the main functions of devices and machines. Protection of people, devices and machines are pursued through efficient and practical filtration.

The objective of Filter Partner Oy is, according to its name, to serve as a client’s partner what is comes to general ventilation or clean air solutions for processes.  Together we will find the right solutions and through collaboration we will save from the total costs related to filtration. Functional and high-class products, expertise, and both personal and customer oriented service, are the requirements for our operations.


Quality filters for processes and general ventilation

From our wide selection of products, you will find the right filters for the right places, always from the standard filters for comfort ventilation to the special filters for processes. Inter alia filters for residential ventilation, panel filters, filter media rolls and filter pads, pocket filters, world widely known compact and cartridge filters are included with our products. Additionally also filter cases and frames are a part of our product selection.